KiWi Power is a young, fast-growing company dedicated to clean energy use, energy management opportunities and ancillary energy services, deploying intelligent energy solutions in the UK and internationally. If you are passionate about clean technology and enjoy working in a dynamic fast-paced environment, apply to join our team today!

  1. Hardware Engineer (Singapore)
  2. Software Engineer (Singapore)
  3. Sales Manager (Republic of Ireland)
  4. Product Manager
  5. International Demand Response Engineer

It’s nothing personal. KiWi Power wants people with verve, vision and drive. In our experience these people don’t use agencies to find a job. If you are a recruitment or employment agency, we don't want to waste your time and our own.

  1. Please do not call or send us unsolicited emails.
  2. Please do not call us to discuss our policy on agencies.
  3. Please do not call to ask us when we will use an agency to fill a particular vacancy.
Thank you.