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What is Demand response

Demand Response is the increasingly popular green alternative to the expensive carbon-heavy ‘peaking power stations’ that the National Grid relies on during times of peak energy demand.

Demand response involves electricity demand management whereby participants temporarily switch off or turn down non-essential power or use independent standby power generators.

This reduces electricity use and helps the National Grid to meet the needs of the country at times of peak demand without having to fire up expensive and dirty coal-fired power stations, or to import electricity from abroad.

Use smarter electricity and gain a new revenue stream

By working with KiWi Power you’re helping remove stress from the National Grid by reducing your electricity consumption when it’s most polluting and expensive. The National Grid pays for this service.

Your participation makes an impact right away. There’s no payback time; the green benefits are immediate.

Our engineers will perform an energy audit for free as part of your sign-up process. We will install smart meters to measure your site consumption in real-time. We will also give you access to all of our reports and data in an easy-to-use format, and access to our website and applications for free.

Targeting non-essential systems infrequently and never impact production

Our Demand Reduction Strategy is customised to never impact production or comfort. We will only ever turn down your consumption for a short period of time, usually about an hour and never more than two, and we will only target non-essential items. You have full control over this and we won’t ever force you to do anything that you are not comfortable with.

Free and no commitment

Our upfront energy audit, all of our monitoring and control equipment, and integration with our systems are all paid for by KiWi Power. We will even install any equipment you might need over and above this. You will never incur any costs upfront, and there is no annual fee; the National Grid covers our costs. There is no commitment on your part to participate and you will never incur a liability for choosing not to reduce your demand when we ask.