KiWi Power is a leading global demand response aggregator.

We partner with System Operators like EirGrid in Ireland and National Grid in the UK to use innovative energy technology for commercial and industrial businesses to help balance electricity demand and supply.

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What is demand response?

We specialise in demand response.

Our business is founded on the need for a cleaner way of providing electricity demand management.

What is demand response?

Demand response is a method of reducing electricity consumption at times of peak demand on the grid, allowing System Operators such as National Grid in the UK to avoid using outdated, expensive and polluting, "peaking" power stations.

Why is demand response needed?

EirGrid’s Grid25 strategy identifies significant new investment of £3.2bn is required just to maintain and develop the existing transmission and distribution infrastructure to support future energy demand and supply between now and 2025. EirGrid also recognises the need to develop a scalable smart grid to ensure the stability of future demand and supply. Demand response is an important component of this. Demand response is the solution that delivers significant economic and environmental benefits to the All-Island market.

Our clients

KiWi Power works with world-leading brands across 650+ sites in diverse industries.

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for our approach to energy demand management and as leaders in innovation.

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