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Demand response is a unique and powerful application using technology to reduce electricity consumption at peak times across industrial and commercial sites. This creates a greener, more cost effective grid, reduces the need for inefficient backup power stations and provides vital balancing requirements and security of supply to system operators and end user sites.
Each business and site is different. But our unique combination of technology, automation and proprietary energy meters allows us to work with a wide range of sites from heavy industry and utilities to hospitals, hotels, office buildings and data centres. During times of peak energy demand, minor pre-determined adjustments are made to non-essential systems. These can be chillers, heating, ventilation air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting or large loads such as heavy plant machinery, pumps or boilers. We also look to utilise backup generators, combined heat and power (CHP) and diesel rotary uninterruptable power supply (DRUPS) systems. KiWi Power will design and implement a customised demand response strategy at each customer’s site with no impact to operations or comfort.
KiWi Power works with businesses to ensure demand response does three things for your company. Firstly, it generates predictable annual revenue streams. Secondly, our energy software and meters are configured to provide greater transparency into energy consumption data for use in reporting. Finally, it improves your green credentials by helping to avoid expensive and polluting peaking power. We provide all these services at no cost.
KiWi Power partners with Systems Operators like EirGrid in Ireland to pay organisations to respond to imbalances in the supply and demand of electricity on the network. It is quicker, more cost efficient and less polluting for demand to be adjusted in times of imbalance than for slower running and outdated power stations to be turned on. So, KiWi Power is paid by system operations to reduce energy consumption across a portfolio of sites and we pass this revenue onto you. By signing up for free you benefit from KiWi Power’s expertise in technology and automation as well as our technical experience. We will assess and audit your site, installing any metering and automation hardware that may be needed, completely free of charge.
Our aim is to make the sign up process as quick and easy as possible. We start with a few questions to assess the suitability of your site and typically request recent electricity bills and consumption readings to assess your usage. We'll follow up with an on-site energy audit and recommend the programme that will best meet your objectives and deliver the best return. We install any equipment needed and get your site tested and operational quickly. Even if you do not choose to stay active in demand response our meters will remain and provide you with energy intelligence data.
We install proprietary smart meters and provide software to help you track energy usage in real-time to gain a clearer picture of your energy consumption and patterns of consumption. Where possible our meters integrate directly into your existing building management system (BMS), to fully automate the process. Alternatively we can provide a fully functional control system which will also help facilitate demand response.
For Ireland’s Demand Side Management programme (DSU) your site will never be dispatched for more than two hours and this happens on average between 5 to 10 times per year.
Backup generators or a combined heat and power (CHP) plant are the easiest ways to get started in demand response. Many sites such as hospitals test their generators regularly and incur a cost to do this. Working with KiWi Power effectively supplements these tests and turns what was previously a cost centre into a source of profit.
KiWi Power will assess your site and energy assets to propose a demand reduction strategy that optimises your business' revenue potential, while ensuring your day to day business runs smoothly. Currently Ireland’s Demand Side Management programme or DSU pays approximately €60,000 per MW for participating 24/7 for one year.
Absolutely nothing – you will never incur any liability or cost if you can't or just choose not to reduce your consumption when we ask you to. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to do so when asked, so we design a demand response strategy that focuses only on non-essential items that can always be reduced. If you don't enact the strategy you'll simply forfeit the revenue that you were due to receive.
The green benefits generated are a function of the total kilowatts made available for turndown. While each business is unique, the average location is able to reduce its energy demand by at least 300 kilowatts almost immediately through a combination of demand reduction and on-site generation.
Renewable resources provide energy with little or no emission, reduce dependence on fossil fuels and strengthen local economies. However, wind and solar energy tend to be intermittent sources of electricity. When the wind does not blow or the sun does not shine, demand for electricity must be met in a different way, either through increasing supply from traditional, more polluting power plants or by decreasing electricity demand. As renewable energy, such as wind power, is added to our generation mix, the volatility of our energy supply will increase. Demand response provides a means of helping the grid balance out this intermittent supply, allowing for more renewables to be connected to the grid.
KiWi Power is a leading demand response aggregator in Ireland, the UK and Internationally. Most System Operators have a high minimum threshold to contract directly and this level would exclude the majority of businesses from taking part. For EirGrid this value is a minimum of 10MW. But by working with a specialist aggregator we assess your site, install proprietary smart meters and monitor and operate the strategy – providing a turnkey solution - so you don’t have to.
KiWi Power a leading demand response aggregator. Our innovative approach is leading the way in evolving the demand response market in Ireland, the UK and a growing list of countries. Our award-winning technology and hardware surpasses competitors and we are always innovating for the future. We offer our clients unrivalled industry expertise and more experience of complex site implementation than any other. We provide our smart meters free of charge. We provide access to our cloud-based client portal free of charge. We make sure we fully identify the achievable load reduction of each of our clients, therefore ensuring we maximise the revenue they earn from participating in DSU.