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We specialise in demand response.

Demand response is required to balance networks.

But what is demand response?

Demand response is a method of reducing electricity consumption at times of peak demand on the grid, allowing System Operators such as EirGrid and National Grid UK to avoid using outdated, expensive and polluting, "peaking" power stations.


Why is demand response needed?

Using demand response creates a more cost effective and efficient grid. Reducing consumption by using demand response is a cheaper option than building new power stations to generate additional capacity. A strong demand side response network also acts to balance the wholesale market and prevent generators taking market control.

Additionally demand response provides a valuable way of integrating greater renewable generation into the grid by balancing demand measures with the intermittent supply they provide.

We make demand response simple for you.

KiWi Power is the only demand response aggregator to offer a full suite of grid balancing services. We use award-winning, proprietary technology to automate this process and make it cost effective and simple to activate.

We help you select the programme that is best for you.

This could include one or a combination of several programmes. All are designed to incentivise commercial sites to help balance the supply and demand of electricity on the grid.

All programmes generate revenues and cost savings, improve site resilience and enhance green credentials. We work with you to determine your involvement based on your site’s operational needs, the type of assets you have, how quickly they can respond and how long they can run. All without affecting operations or comfort on-site.

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What makes us different?

Multi-use proprietary technology:

One meter for all demand response at no cost.

Asset level insights:

Consumption, financials and performance data at no cost.

Unrivalled industry expertise:

Leading global and complex site experience.

True innovation:

Award-winning technology, always innovating.

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