Energy intelligence and smart metering

Award-winning, proprietary technology to keep you one step ahead.

The smartest meter on the market.

When KiWi Power entered the demand response energy market in 2009, we found existing smart metering hardware and supporting applications were not fit for purpose, so we designed our own. Our smart meter, the Power information Pod (PiP), continues to win awards for innovation. And now, our supporting web-based dashboard gives clients unrivalled access to real time electricity consumption data and demand response intelligence.

Automation and control with Power information Pod 'PiP'.

Our proprietary smart meter is approved by System Operators and is the device designed specifically for use in demand response – ensuring you get a best in class solution. PiP is cloud-enabled and communicates back to our operations centre. It has a powerful embedded Linux platform for real time power measurement, monitoring, logging and control. It is pre-configured and designed for easy installation with minimal disruption.

At no cost to clients.


PiP is installed free of charge to our demand response clients. It is used by leading global companies to monitor their energy consumption by asset, providing the transparency required to meet reporting requirements. Benefits include:

  • PiP is configurable via the web interface or prior to installation, minimising site disruption
  • It has a cellular modem with a connector so no hardwiring on-site is required
  • Onboard compression and security mean that costs are exceptionally low
  • It has a ZigBee module for mesh network deployments in the local area, reducing communication and cabling costs
  • A built in frequency relay provides the second by second asset monitoring required for frequency response 

Energy intelligence with our client application.

Installation of our PiP smart meter gives clients access to the KiWi Power client application or "client app" available on all portable devices. The client app provides real time, minute-by-minute monitoring of on-site energy assets. Through the app interface, clients can access:

  • Live monitoring and reporting on kilowatt consumption for each site or meter point
  • Active time-of-use management and communications
  • Comparative data of historical consumption for each meter
  • Real time calculation of revenues generated
  • Live tracking and reporting of demand and frequency response events

Resilient 24/7 operational platform.

We've designed our own powerful demand response platform to efficiently and fully automate demand response event management. Our platform is available to System Operators to licence and manage their own demand response programmes. It is used:

  • For real time monitoring of 650+ sites, globally, 24/7/365
  • To fully automate demand response activation events in multiple global territories
  • Generate reports and earnings statements for clients in multiple currencies
  • As a fully scalable, cloud-based system with 100% uptime



We are proud to be recognised
for our approach to energy demand management and as leaders in innovation.

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What makes us different?

Multi-use proprietary technology:

One meter for all demand response at no cost.

Asset level insights:

Consumption, financials and performance data at no cost.

Unrivalled industry expertise:

Leading global and complex site experience.

True innovation:

Award-winning technology, always innovating.

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