Frequency response

Earn significant revenues with fast-responding assets.

What is frequency response?

Ireland and Northern Ireland operate a synchronous AC power system where all conventional generating units are synchronised together, producing electricity at a nominal frequency of 50Hz. When supply and demand are in balance, the frequency will be 50Hz. If there is excess generation, the frequency increases or insufficient generation, the frequency will decrease. The normal operating limits for frequency in Ireland are from 49.9 to 50.1Hz.

Sudden changes in grid demand or generation can cause deviations of frequency. EirGrid and SONI (the electricity system operator for Northern Ireland) manage the frequency of the grid in real time. This is managed by maintaining operating reserves to correct the energy imbalance when it occurs.

Frequency response requires a response from clients participating energy assets within seconds. Therefore the assets a site can use to participate in these lucrative programmes must be able to response through an automated process, without disrupting site operations. Frequency response events hold for only a few minutes, automatically switching assets on or off as required when the event finishes.

How can you benefit?

Frequency response is typically a premium grid service and provides very high revenues for participants.

Our clients with heating ventilation air conditioning (HVAC), diesel uninterrupted power supply (DRUPS), combined heating and power (CHP) systems, fans, pumps, chillers and other assets can:

  • Quickly earn significant annual recurring revenues
  • Offset rising energy costs and fund other sustainability initiatives
  • Use our free, second-by-second frequency meter to provide unparalleled energy insights and intelligence

KiWi Power's approach
is very simple.

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What makes us different?

Multi-use proprietary technology:

One meter for all demand response at no cost.

Asset level insights:

Consumption, financials and performance data at no cost.

Unrivalled industry expertise:

Leading global and complex site experience.

True innovation:

Award-winning technology, always innovating.

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