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  1. Cheking in for demand response
    FoodChain - The Business of food and drink
    3rd April 2014
  2. Connecting with China
    Future Power Technology
    April 2014
  3. Demand Response: The alternative to polluting peaking power Institute of Carbon Accountants & Traders
    April 2014
  4. Water utilities get onboard with demand response
    Water Journal
    April 2014
  5. Case Study - Water utilities get onboard with demand response
    Water & Sewerage Journal
    April 2014
  6. Water utilities get onboard
    Plants and Works Engineering
    April 2014
  7. KiWi Power opens Singapore office
    Renewable Energy Focus
    3rd April 2014
  8. KiWi Power expands into Asia Pacific
    PES Power & Energy Solutions
    2nd April 2014
  9. Watch here

    BBC1 Bang Goes the Theory - Episode 1 - Energy
    March 2014
  10. The UK smart meter connectivity challenge
    25th March 2014
  11. Generating Power on Demand
    Water and Effluent Treatment News
    March 2014
  12. Demand Response improves utility's energy balance
    Water and Wastewater Treatment
    March 2014
  13. Demand response pays off for the public sector
    Building & Facilities management
    February 2014
  14. Pipe up: Ziko Abram
    Utility Week
    21th February 2014
  15. Energy: Power down
    Financial Times
    20th February 2014
  16. Businesses focus on shifting power consumption outside triads
    Financial Times
    18th February 2014
  17. Honeywell, Stor Generation Stake Claim on UK Demand Response
    19th February 2014
  18. Chinese power: Behind the scenes of the UK's trade mission with Kiwi Power
    Power Technology
    12th February 2014
  19. Demand Response trial nets big windfall for London hotels
    Green Hotelier
    January 2014
  20. Checking in for Demand response
    Water Energy & Environment magazine
    December 2013/January 2014
  21. Case study: KiWi Power
    Environment Industry Magazine
    November 2013
  22. UK and Europe next?
    Future Power Technology
    October 2013
  23. Europe's New Models for Demand Response
    Greentech Grid
    October 2013
  24. Demand management trial earns London organisations £150k
    Energy Live News
    3 October 2013
  25. KiWi Power completes summer demand side response trials
    Energy Business Review
    1 October 2013
  26. Blackout Britain
    Intelligent Utility
    September 2013
  27. Kiwi Power DR trial in London saves $242,000 in 2 months
    Smart Grid Today
    30 September 2013
  28. Smart grid trial programme gets underway in London
    Energy in Bulding and Industry
    September 2013
  29. Demand Response Pays off for Public Sector
    Public Sector Sustainability
    September 2013
  30. Demand response roll out - saving power at peak times
    Power Technology
    12th September 2013
  31. In the Green Room with KiWi Power's Yoav Zingher
    Business Green Plus
    September 2013
  32. Keeping the Lights on
    Professional Engineering
    August 2013
  33. Marriott partners to lower Carbon Footprint in Europe
    Hoteliers: Hotel, Travel & Hospitality News
    2nd August 2013
  34. Marriott Hotels and KiWi team up for London smart grid trials
    Energy Demand
    29th July 2013
  35. Marriott continues with emission reduction drive
    Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production
    19th July 2013
  36. Marriott partners with energy leaders to lower carbon footprint
    Breaking travel news
    19th July 2013
  37. Chill out, save energy, no sweat
    BBC NEWS - Science & Enviroment
    18th July 2013
  38. Marriott partners with energy leaders to lower carbon footprint in Europe
    Incentive Travel & Corporate Meetings
    17th July 2013
  39. UK establishes capacity market for 2018
    Critical Power Online
    4th July 2013
  40. NHS hospitals asked to generate own power amid blackouts fears
    The Guardian
    28th June 2013
  41. UK capacity market to be up and running next year
    Smart Grid Today
    28th June 2013
  42. Green energy announcements - the reaction
    Business Green
    27th June 2013
  43. Testing Times
    Public Sector Build Journal
    June 2013
  44. The secrets of green energy entrepreneurs
    June 2013
  45. Triad forecasting brings significant electricity cost savings
    10th June 2013
  46. Smart business energy use 'could cut demand by 75%'
    Energy Live News
    7th June 2013
  47. Testing Times
    Hospital Management
    May 2013
  48. 2013 Ashden Award Podcast #1: UK cleantech pioneers
    Ashden blog
    29th May 2013
  49. Lengthen Short Term Operating Reserve response times to expand volume of demand response - paper
    Critical Power Online
    23rd May 2013
  50. Businesses hail plans for energy efficiency payments
    Business Green
    22nd May 2013
  51. NHS takes on risk
    Energy in Bulding and Industry
    May 2013
  52. KiWi Power scores 100% 'triad' forecasting success rate
    Energy Demand
    16th May 2013
  53. KiWi Power wins share of UK carbon cutting entrepreneurs grant
    Critical Power Online
    15th May 2013
  54. SMEs make up 90% of clean tech firms and are growing
    Energy & Enviromanetal Management
    14th May 2013
  55. UK energy department grants funds to KiWi Power
    Smart Grid Today
    13th May 2013
  56. Testing Times
    Maintenance Online
    29th April 2013
  57. KiWi Power supplies MoD and NHS with demand response services
    Government & Public Sector Journal
    Spring 2013
  58. Testing Times
    Government & Public Sector Journal
    Spring 2013
  59. KiWi Successfully Predicts Electricity Charging Periods
    Energy Manager Today
    15th April 2013
  60. KiWi Power predicts peak times, gives C&I savings
    Smart Grid Today
    11th April 2013
  61. Kiwi Power proclaims success in UK peak demand 'Triad' forecasting
    Critical Power Online
    10th April 2013
  62. 2013 Ashden Awards: showcasing energy innovation for the first time
    Cleantech business news
    March 2013
  63. Four-year project of using stored electricity to meet demand
    March 2013
  64. Public sector energy challenges
    Public Sector Sustainability
    March 2013
  65. These are testing times
    Electrical Engineering
    March 2013
  66. UK Government buys in to demand-side response
    Energy Demand
    7th March 2013
  67. The Industrial Sector: Low-Hanging Fruit For Demand Response?
    Renew Grid Magazine
    6th March 2013
  68. Smart grid and demand management company becomes provider to government agencies
    Energy in Bulding and Industry
    February 2013
  69. Energy Executive Move: Kiwi Power
    Energy Manager Today
    20th February 2013
  70. Kiwi Power to supply DR to UK Government offices
    Smatr Grid Today
    13th February 2013
  71. KiWi Power appoints former UK Department of Energy advisor Miriam Maes to board
    Critical Power Online
    12th February 2013
  72. UK Public Entities Get Demand Response Option
    Energy Manager Today
    12th February 2013
  73. Contractors appointed to supply demand response to public sector estate
    11th February 2013
  74. U.K hospitals sign up to energy demand management vision
    Green Biz
    8th February 2013
  75. KiWi Power to provide demand response for UK government agencies
    Critical Power Online
    6th February 2013
  76. Government Procurement Service prepares ground for demand response contracts
    The Ends Report
    6th February 2013
  77. Hospitals and MoD sign up to energy demand management vision
    Business Green
    6th February 2013
  78. Testing Times
    Critical Power Online
    1st February 2013
  79. Hospital’s ‘risk-free revenue stream’
    Health Estate Journal
    January 2013
  80. Demand Response - It pays to be energy efficient
    Energy World
    January 2013

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