KiWi in the Press

  1. UK energy bill subsidies driving boom in polluting diesel farms
    The Guardian
    6th May 2015
  2. Marriott hotels using energy demand reduction to cut carbon footprint
    The Guardian
    6th May 2015
  3. 12 UK startups selected for £300,000 Canary Wharf smart cities challenge
    Tech World
    24th February 2015
  4. A UK Distribution Utility Makes the Business Case for Battery Storage
    11th February 2015
  5. KiWi power aims to manage 'peak power'
    CNBC - Going green (Video)
    13th August 2014
  6. UK business urged to sign up and beat DSBR deadline
    Efficient Energy
    11th July 2014
  7. Be quick for last few days to sign up to National Grid’s energy reduction programme - DSBR
    Energy Management
    11th July 2014
  8. KiWi Power: tech-savvy energy firm with a way out of Britain's power crisis
    The Guardian
    7th July 2014
  9. Mayor of London Boris Johnson Awards £20,000 Prize to Energy Saving App
    International Business Times
    24th June 2014
  10. National Grid’s new energy balancing service is far from ‘last resort'
    Connecting Industry
    12th June 2014
  11. KiWi Power says National Grid's new energy balancing services is far from 'last resort'
    Premises & Facilities Management Online
    11th June 2014
  12. Fertile demand
    Process Engineering
    11th June 2014
  13. Water utilities get onboard with demand response
    Water Active
    2nd June 2014
  14. Water utilities get onboard with demand response
    World Water
    June 2014
  15. The battle for power lies in your hands
    The Times
    21th April 2014
  16. Air-conditioning switched off at arts centre to save power
    The Times
    15th April 2014
  17. Royal Festival Hall in tune with drive to save power
    Financial Times
    13th April 2014
  18. KiWi Power opens new office in Singapore
    Energy Business Review
    4th April 2014
  19. Joining Middle East Business Delegation
    Electrical Engineering
    April 2014
  20. Checking in for demand response
    FoodChain - The Business of food and drink
    3rd April 2014
  21. Connecting with China
    Future Power Technology
    April 2014
  22. Demand Response: The alternative to polluting peaking power Institute of Carbon Accountants & Traders
    April 2014
  23. Water utilities get onboard with demand response
    Water Active
    April 2014
  24. Case Study - Water utilities get onboard with demand response
    Water & Sewerage Journal
    April 2014
  25. Water utilities get onboard
    Plants and Works Engineering
    April 2014
  26. KiWi Power opens Singapore office
    Renewable Energy Focus
    3rd April 2014
  27. KiWi Power expands into Asia Pacific
    PES Power & Energy Solutions
    2nd April 2014
  28. Watch here

    BBC1 Bang Goes the Theory - Episode 1 - Energy
    March 2014
  29. The UK smart meter connectivity challenge
    25th March 2014
  30. Generating Power on Demand
    Water and Effluent Treatment News
    March 2014
  31. Demand Response improves utility's energy balance
    Water and Wastewater Treatment
    March 2014
  32. Demand response pays off for the public sector
    Building & Facilities management
    February 2014
  33. Pipe up: Ziko Abram
    Utility Week
    21th February 2014
  34. Energy: Power down
    Financial Times
    20th February 2014
  35. Businesses focus on shifting power consumption outside triads
    Financial Times
    18th February 2014
  36. Honeywell, Stor Generation Stake Claim on UK Demand Response
    19th February 2014
  37. Chinese power: Behind the scenes of the UK's trade mission with Kiwi Power
    Power Technology
    12th February 2014
  38. Demand Response trial nets big windfall for London hotels
    Green Hotelier
    January 2014
  39. Checking in for Demand response
    Water Energy & Environment magazine
    December 2013/January 2014


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