Network constraint management

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What are network constraint charges?

System Operators charge energy suppliers for the cost of electricity transmission. These charges are then passed onto commercial electricity consumers based on their demand for energy at the time of highest national demand. In the UK, these periods of peak demand are known as Triads and are three half-hour periods during the winter (November – February inclusive). These charges should be shown clearly on your electricity bills. They are also rising very rapidly, with 20% year-on-year increases for the past few years.

How can KiWi Power help to manage these charges?

Triad periods are not known in advance but by using sophisticated and proven prediction tools from KiWi Power, sites can respond accordingly when these periods are likely to happen.

We enable our client sites to manage their energy asset consumption to limit their exposure to Triad charges by:

  • Reducing consumption
  • Moving to on-site generation
  • Exporting electricity during these periods

Our proprietary software monitors responses to confirm that reductions are actually happening and provides alerts if they are not. Our system automatically triggers pre-agreed reductions to ensure successful participation and secure certain savings

KiWi Power's approach
is very simple.

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