Capacity reserve services

Earn revenues using your on-site energy assets.

What are capacity reserve services?

When forecasted electricity demand increases, or a power station shuts down unexpectedly, System Operators turn to reserve supplies to make up the shortfall. These reserve supplies tend to be the most polluting and expensive power stations on the grid, used only as a last resort.

Demand response provides an alternative reserve service that is cost effective and clean. Collections of sites either turn down their electricity demand or generate additional power using their on-site energy assets. Reserve services are used until the balance is resumed or slower-to-respond power stations are ready to take over.

In the UK, this capacity is called Short Term Operating Reserve, or STOR. The response times required for participation in programmes like STOR are typically 10 to 30 minutes, which is slower than frequency response, so a wide range of assets can be used.

How can you benefit?

Our clients are using assets like chillers, air conditioning units, lighting, fans, pumps, combined heading and power systems (CHPs), diesel generators and much more to:

  • Generate recurring income throughout the year by participating
  • Offset rising energy costs and fund other sustainability initiatives
  • Take advantage of our free smart meter to get unparalleled energy consumption insights, improve green credentials and meet mandatory reporting requirements

KiWi Power's approach
is very simple.

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