System Operators

Rising consumer demand for electricity continues to challenge transmission and distribution system operators. Soaring demand for high-tech products and a recovering economy contributes to this challenge. The projected retirement of more polluting, base load generation such as coal, and incorporating costly and less reliable alternative supply options increase the difficulty. Demand Response programmes not only provide a low-cost solution to help manage rising demand, but also complement a renewable generation strategy. KiWi Power has unique experience to expertly assist utility companies and system operators to address these challenges.

Demand Response programmes incentivise end users to turndown their energy consumption during periods when grid stability is threatened, lessening the burden on the grid and the distribution system. These programmes also help control supply costs by reducing both end user consumption and the need to build new costly generation, transmission and distribution infrastructure. Having Demand Response programmes in place minimises the need for peaking plants and other sources of fossil-fueled generation, while naturally complementing a renewable portfolio including wind and solar power, providing extra reliability when the wind stops blowing or the sun stops shining.

KiWi Power is uniquely suited to provide the best Commercial & Industrial demand response experience for utilities. KiWi Power has a deep and unique understanding of site capabilities, site equipment and technologies, as well as controls, measurement and communications systems that can be optimised to meet a system operator’s unique requirements. We work with suppliers, transmission and distribution system operators to contract a guaranteed amount of Megawatts (MW) achieved via turndown or standby generation, reducing the liabilities on the utility and need for large capital outlay upfront. We do this by:

  • Structuring a customised programme that meets the system operator’s needs
  • Enrolling our wide network of client sites into the programme
  • Guaranteed performance, while protecting businesses from penalties
  • Working with your Account Managers to target businesses
  • Supporting the utility’s branding and helping maintain customer relationships
  • Providing software and hardware tools to enable the programme
  • Delighting customers and ensuring a positive experience for all participants

There are many different types of Demand Response programmes for utilities and system operators. These can be customised to meet your specific needs with regard to time of day or year, MW or MWh delivered, pricing, duration of events, geographical areas and other operational specifications. For more information, please contact us.