We’re leading the way to a new energy future

Kiwi Power’s story

Maximising the value of distributed energy resources worldwide for more than a decade


Aggregator Era

Low cost hardware gives us a first mover advantage in the new energy industry

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Platform as a Service Era

A unified platform based on hands-on expertise and developing a low risk commercial model

Our Technology
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Direct-to-Customer Era

The expansion of a simple yet powerful licensed platform that supports mixed asset portfolio management

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Meet the people behind our advanced energy technology

The people at Kiwi Power bring decades of experience working with public and private companies across the energy sector. Our team members’ expertise ranges from grid services and wholesale power trading to asset development and energy policy, making Kiwi Power the right partner to help you compete in the evolving energy market.

1GW of DERs under management in over
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Kiwi Power is working with key industry partners to unlock energy flexibility

Kiwi Power is working with a strong network of partners to make the energy on our grids cleaner and more affordable for everyone.

Participate in the new energy market

Contact Kiwi Power's team of experts to learn more about maximising the value of your energy assets with our advanced virtual power plant software solution.

Success Stories

Kiwi Power helps our clients confidently participate in the new energy world

Kiwi Power’s licensed software enables electricity suppliers, asset owners, aggregators, grid operators and other energy stakeholders to generate new streams of revenue by engaging in wholesale energy markets. Our customers leverage Kiwi Power’s distributed energy platform to control a single asset or portfolio of resources, operating in one or across dozens of markets globally. In an increasingly complex grid landscape, we simplify distributed energy monetisation.

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