Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

At KiWi Power our vision is simple:

To lead the way in managing electricity demand through technology. We are where people go to be smart with energy.

This means we want to be global leaders, who innovate and challenge the status quo. We believe electricity demand is the most important power source of the future and we will help organisations be smart in their energy management by creating technology that combines commercial opportunities with sustainability.

Our Mission

To provide the best in class demand management solutions enabling our global customers and partners to sustainably manage their electricity consumption.

We will achieve this by taking complex technology and policy and turning them into simple, commercial products for use every day around the world to make grids smarter.

We will accomplish this by living our four values.

Our Values

We Keep Things Simple

  • by removing unnecessary complexity and creating uncomplicated solutions
  • by communicating in a straightforward way
  • by operating a lean approach using technology and human ingenuity to improve and streamline how we do things

We Collaborate

  • by being adaptable and action orientated, striving to build engaged, long term relationships founded on trust and mutual respect
  • by challenging with respect, listening and then taking action to deliver the best outcome and results

We Pioneer

  • by leading the way in providing an innovative approach and a fresh perspective
  • by innovating to do things better
  • by challenging ourselves, our clients and our partners to think differently and influence change

We Do What’s Right

  • We believe in being open and transparent and actively share our ideas to benefit the greater good
  • We pride ourselves on thinking long term and make decisions based on what’s best for now and the long term
  • We accept we won’t get it right every time, but strive to work with integrity and do what’s right, not just what’s easiest
  • We are considered, pragmatic and quietly confident in our decisions