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Distribution System Operator, UK

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Flexible Power has been created by UK Distribution System Operator (DSO) Western Power Distribution (WPD) to manage and operate a demand side response (DSR) programme across its network. 

WPD is the DSO for the Midlands, South West & Wales, delivering electricity to over 7.9 million customers across a 55,500 square kilometre area of the UK.

Flexible Power is helping the DSO to tackle constraint issues on its network and accommodate increasing demand for electricity without having to build a larger network. Local businesses generate income in return for participating in DSR, and WPD customers benefit from a resilient energy supply and reduced future energy costs.

In the results of its most recent tender announced in October 2019, Flexible Power secured almost 120MW of flexible capacity, from 87 assets, across 17 Constraint Management Zones. Participating businesses will respond to requests for power - or storage capacity - within 15 minutes.

Kiwi Power licenses its distributed energy platform to Flexible Power, providing the technology that underpins its operational capabilities.