Date: May 24, 2019
Author: KiWi Power

KiWi Power delivers local flexibility revenues from WPD Constraint Management

KiWi Power is one of the first Demand Side Response (DSR) aggregators in the UK to deliver active Constraint Management services to the Distribution Network, creating a valuable new income stream for businesses.

KiWi Power’s customer assets have been providing local flexibility to Western Power Distribution (WPD) since mid-May, helping to alleviate the strain on the network at times of peak demand and providing rapid response to unforeseen network issues.

Currently KiWi Power is providing capacity within WPD’s Plymouth and South Hams Constraint Management Zone (CMZ). In total the company has 47MW of qualifying capacity across six CMZs in the South West and Midlands.

Businesses are paid both an availability and a utilisation fee. Revenues from these fees range from around £300/MWh for the ‘Secure’ peak load management service to £600/MWh for the premium ‘Restore’ service which is used to respond to unplanned fault conditions.

KiWi Power’s state-of-the-art technology fully automates the process, so that businesses can participate and earn money with no disruption to their operations.

WPD is responsible for delivering electricity to almost 8 million customers in the UK. As more and more consumers start to generate and store electricity the way they interact with the network is changing and the role of Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is becoming much more active.

KiWi Power’s UK Programme Manager Jonathan Ainley commented: ‘Local flexibility is a vital tool helping DNOs to cost-effectively integrate more renewables and prepare for changing demands on the network, such as Electric Vehicles.

‘We’re delighted to be working with WPD to support the UK’s low carbon transition while providing businesses with access to a valuable new income stream from constraint management. Offering access to the full breadth of DSR programmes ensures we’re able to continually maximise the value of our customers’ assets.’

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