Routes to market for energy storage

October 15, 2019

Kiwi Power’s Head of Optimisation Thomas Jennings joined a fantastic session hosted by Energy Storage News at Solar & Storage Live in 2019.

Participants and pioneers of UK energy storage – and solar – gave their perspectives on everything from the right technologies and what they can do, how financiers view the market today, to how we can all join together to create a modern, clean and sustainable energy sector.  

  • Moderator: Andy Colthorpe, Editor, Energy-Storage.news
  • Thomas Jennings, Energy Storage Lead, Kiwi Power
  • Mark Turrell, Asset Finance Business Development Director, Wyelands Bank
  • Ed Porter, Energy Assets Director, RedT
  • Roberto Castiglioni, CEO, Ikigai Capital

‘Yes, there’s merchant risk, but as intermittent renewable generation increases, if we look at what the world has to look like [to accommodate that], it has to include fast-responding flexibility assets’ – Thomas Jennings, Head of Optimisation, Kiwi Power
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