KiWi Energy Trading Platform

Trading refers to managing our clients’ energy position in order to extract value from an energy market. KiWi platform integrate with trading platforms via API to take advantage of distributed energy resources(DERs) in different energy markets.

KiWi platform also helps our trading partners to compare different energy markets such as demand response, frequency response and energy trading at any time to choose the market that creates the highest revenue for them and their clients.

Wholesale Market

Consumers have to estimate their consumption and purchase it before they start consuming it – and generators have to estimate their generation volume before they generate it. This can be done from one year ahead up to 1 hour before the consumption/generation time.

During the last day (day ahead) or last hour (intraday), the wholesale prices might increase dues to unexpected loss of generation(wind power, solar power unpredictable nature or a failure) or unforeseen increase in demand(cold weather). KiWi platform helps you to buy and sell energy and deliver it during the peak prices.

Imbalance Management

Imbalance prices provides the incentive for achieving a balance between contracted and metered energy volume per settlement interval since prices for imbalances are typically less favorable than prices for wholesale energy. 
Any participant who is either long or short over a settlement period will have the deviation calculated as imbalance. KiWi helps our trading partners to manage their imbalance by controlling the flexibility of DERs and also achieve higher revenue by trading energy at high prices.

Balancing Mechanism(UK)

The TSO is responsible for balancing generation with consumption. Imbalances emerge from the consumers and generators variation of load within the operational hour, from wrong estimates regarding consumption and/or generation and unexpected incidents (generation, consumption and/or grid failure).

Balancing mechanism is a market used by national grid to sell/buy electricity after gate closure to reach balance in the grid. KiWi Platform can be used to trade energy and guarantees the delivery of energy during peak prices.