Date: April 4, 2017
Author: KiWi Power

Haven Power has appointed KiWi Power Limited to help its business customers change how they use energy, save money and be more sustainable.

KiWi were appointed as Haven Power’s Demand Side Response (DSR) provider following a rigorous selection process aimed at ensuring its customers benefit from the advice of a true market leader.

Demand Side Response is all about intelligent energy use, whereby large businesses are incentivised to turn up or turn down the amount of power they use according to peaks in demand. This helps to manage the load on the electricity network and enables businesses to turn up their demand when more power is available, and prices are lower.

KiWi Power CEO, Yoav Zingher, said:

“Haven Power’s innovative approach to energy has ensured that they are one of the key players in the I&C supply space. Partnering with market leading companies such as KiWi has ensured that they are always able to offer the best value to their customers while at the same time tackling the UK energy trilemma – delivering affordable, reliable, low carbon power. We will help ensure that Haven’s customers not only receive a great deal through their supply contract, but also contribute to a greener, smarter and more resilient energy future for the UK.”

Haven Power COO, Neil Isaacson, said:

“At Haven we are committed to working in partnership with customers to make energy work for them. We believe that a lower carbon UK and being more sustainable are both good for the world and good for business. However, this is not always easy to achieve, which is why we are pleased to be working with KiWi Power, which is making DSR more accessible and simpler for businesses to implement.”

“Our customers will now have the opportunity to financially benefit from changing how they use energy, simply and seamlessly. KiWi Power’s technology is best in class and drives innovation. Together we will generate real, additional value for Haven customers and help them to operate more sustainably.”

KiWi Power is the UKs leading demand response aggregator and has been a key player in the UK market since 2009. KiWi is passionate about driving innovation in technology to create efficiencies, generate commercial opportunities and promote a green agenda. KiWi Power work confidently with policy makers and system and network operators, navigating the energy landscape to provide clients with robust and best in class technology and hardware. Combining proprietary hardware and software and experienced teams, KiWi Power delivers significant commercial returns and sustainability benefits to large consumers of electricity, utilities and grid operators.

Haven Power supplies power to businesses from the Drax Power station in Selby, North Yorkshire, which, as a result of its world leading biomass upgrades, is now the UK’s largest single site generator of renewable electricity. In 2016 it generated 16% of the UK’s renewable electricity – enough to power four million UK households.

About Haven Power and Drax Group:
Haven Power is one of the largest business electricity suppliers in the UK and was awarded the title Supplier of the Year at the Energy Awards in 2014 and 2016. Founded 10 years ago, they have grown by providing dedicated account management support as a response to many of the typical issues customers have with their energy providers. Haven Power offers 100% reliable, cost effective renewable energy and services that help customers use energy more efficiently, control their spend and manage risk.

Haven Power are part of Drax Group plc, which plays a vital role in helping change the way energy is generated, supplied and used as the UK moves to a low carbon future. Drax operates the largest power station in the UK and supplies up to 8 percent of the country’s electricity needs. The energy firm converted from burning coal to become a predominantly biomass-fuelled electricity generator. Drax is the biggest single site renewable generator in the UK and the largest decarbonisation project in Europe.  Its 2,300-strong staff operates across three principal areas of activity – electricity generation, electricity sales to business customers and compressed wood pellet production.
The Group includes:

  • Drax Biomass, based in the US and manufactures compressed wood pellets produced from sustainably managed working forests.
  • Haven Power, based in Ipswich, providing businesses with electricity.
  • Opus Energy, based in Oxford and Northampton, England, and Cardiff, Wales, providing electricity and gas to businesses.
  • Billington Bioenergy, based in Liverpool with depots across the UK, is one of the leading distributors of wood pellets for sustainable heating in the UK.

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