Date: March 7, 2019
Author: Gavin Sallery
  • The Fruit is the hardware component of KiWi’s state-of-the-art Distributed Energy Resource Management Platform
  • First in the industry to achieve the demanding UL 2900-2-2 Cybersecurity Certification
  • KiWi delivers peace of mind for asset owners and operators

KiWi Power announced today that it has been awarded the UL2900-2-2 Cybersecurity Certification for its Fruit hardware solution. This provides independent verification that the Fruit has achieved industry-leading standards of cyber security, which will provide peace of mind for distributed energy resource owners and operators participating in KiWi’s services. By meeting this demanding standard, KiWi has demonstrated its commitment to the security of its partners and clients, and given its platform a unique edge over competing offerings

“The Fruit is now demonstrably the most secure DERMS hardware available. Combined with our scalable real-time energy resource management system, KiWi can offer cloud-to-hardware integration at the highest levels of security and reliability – this is an offering which few can match.”

Gavin Sallery, Chief Technology Officer, KiWi Power

There are growing concerns about the use of IoT devices in energy networks, with agencies such as GCHQ and the FBI issuing statements warning companies to be careful what equipment they install in their networks and who is installing it. KiWi Power are proving their dedication to secure smart grid solutions by becoming the first Smart Energy company to be certified under UL2900 with their bespoke energy monitoring and control solution (the Fruit).

UL2900-2-2 is designed to assess Internet-connected hardware products, specifically in the industrial environment. Assessment for this standard includes a wide suite of tests including fuzz testing, structured penetration testing and access control assessments, all of which were carried out by UL – a company with 125 years of experience in trusted certification. The careful design and implementation work carried out by KiWi’s Technology team ensured that all tests were passed, and KiWi were duly awarded the coveted UL2900-2-2 certificate

“We believe that Internet of Things technologies like the Fruit can unlock huge value in enabling distributed generation, turn-down and storage assets to easily participate in electricity markets, but we are aware that in an increasingly connected world we need to be vigilant and mindful of the potential ways our solutions could be compromised. We now have evidence that because of our security-focused design choices, the Fruit is well-protected against these threats.”

Fraser Tooth, Head of Hardware Solutions, KiWi Power

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