Date: June 20, 2019
Author: KiWi Power

KiWi Power backs pedal-power to help tackle poverty through renewable energy

Earlier this month our Head of Marketing, Nicole Gilbert, embarked on something of a challenge, cycling 216 miles in two days from Durham to Edinburgh.

KiWi Power was very proud to support her efforts, which have raised over £1,500 for Renewable World, a charity dedicated to reducing poverty in developing countries through renewable energy.

We asked Nicole to share her experience.

Firstly, did you complete the ride, and how was it?

Yes! It was hard, long and very, very tiring, but I made it to Edinburgh. Overall, I spent 22 hours in 48 cycling, so I was pretty exhausted by the end, but the route we took was incredibly beautiful, and even though it rained almost non-stop on the first day, you couldn’t help but feel uplifted by the surroundings.

Can you tell us more about the ride and how you got involved?

The ride is called Earth, Wind & Tyre and is an annual fundraising ride organised by Renewable World. The route takes in 11 onshore wind farms, so there’s an obvious connection with the charity’s work, and lots of the people taking part worked in the energy industry.

I signed up with a friend in December, when we went along to the launch of Renewable World’s 10-year impact report.  Hearing about the huge difference the charity’s work makes to empower people living in energy-poor communities made us both want to do more to help. Obviously, what seems like a good idea over a glass of wine at Christmas doesn’t always feel like a good idea a few months’ down the line, but I’m so glad we did it!

What did you find most challenging about the ride?

Challenging might not be the right word but what I enjoyed least was the eating. Renewable World laid on great feed stops every 20 miles or so, but I found I still needed a lot of energy gels and bars in between. I never want to see another one again!

The hills were a slog and the weather atrocious at times, but you were rewarded with great views and some awesome downhill runs.

Day 1 Feed stop 4 – Green Rigg Wind Farm

And most rewarding?

That’s hard to choose! We were riding through beautiful, unspoilt parts of the country with a great bunch of people, and every wind farm we saw lifted my spirits, but more than anything I was pleased to beat my fundraising target.

I set out to raise £1,000 and so far, I have raised just over £1,500. I owe a huge thanks to KiWi Power, because not only were the team extremely generous personally, but the company donated £500 too. Thank you!

Finally, will you be doing anything like this again soon?

Never say never but next year I might volunteer for the support team. It really was hard work! That said, I do feel ready to get out on my bike again…

To find out about Renewable World and how you can support their work visit

Renewable World bring renewable energy services to communities where financial or geographical barriers prevent public or private sector solutions being effective.