Date: July 19, 2017
Author: KiWi Power

KiWi Power, the UK’s leading Demand Response aggregator, has launched the third-generation Internet-of-Things hardware platform: the “Fruit”.

The Fruit is a revolutionary, low-cost device that will accelerate the expansion of our environmentally-friendly demand response and monitoring activities, and unlock new opportunities for our partners. The launch will reveal the unique Smart Energy capabilities of this British-designed IoT solution.

Based on the most advanced and secure IoT platform currently available, KiWi Fruit was designed to integrate with existing technologies and provide maximum value for our end-users.  We used our wealth experience and customer feedback to provide some unique and powerful features in our new product:

  • State of the art IoT platform with industrial-grade security
  • Modular design to reduce installation costs and increase flexibility
  • Highly efficient installation and commissioning process using  BlinkUp™ technology and QR codes – allows engineers to spend less time on-site
  • Minimal footprint for easy installation and commissioning
  • Built-in library of industry-standard communication protocols for quick integration and reliability

Gavin Sallery, Kiwi Power’s Chief Technology Officer, said:

“We know from our customers that having a product that effortlessly blends with existing infrastructure increases the adoption rate on a technology that is still perceived as new. Customers are also increasingly aware of potential security risks when using IoT solutions so being able to deliver a product with very strong security features was a must.  Last but not least, we want our installation partners to have a product which is easy to install and configure, so we provided them the tools to do just that, with visual feedback from the unit even in the absence of data uplink so they know exactly what the equipment status is at any point during the commissioning and operation.”

For more details please contact Mircea Bucur – Product Manager; email:; Phone: 0207 183 1030 ext 1024 m: 07946 435 133