Kiwi Power top in Virtual Power Plant Leader Board

April 6, 2020

Last week, the leading international consultancy Navigant published a report detailing the leading global Virtual Power Plant (VPP) Platform Providers in 2020. The report analyses and assesses the key attributes needed to be a successful VPP, including company vision, market strategy and its partners. This report updates Navigant’s previous research report on the VPP market conducted in 2016.


Kiwi Power was named as one of 4 global leaders in the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) market, placing the company firmly as an expert in the DER field, providing excellence to its customers. In particular, Navigant outlined Kiwi Power’s strong relationship with Engie as being key to its market position, as well as the ability to capture a large cross-section of the value chain (scoring the highest of all companies surveyed), due to offering metering, device controls and battery management. This has resulted in being active at over 800 sites, representing 1 GW in 10 countries offering DR, peak load management, and frequency regulation grid services.

Kiwi Power’s market leading DER Management Platform (VPP), ‘Loom’, is designed for Utilities, Aggregators, Asset owners and Battery operators. It has been successfully deployed in a wide range of use cases, including static, dynamic and economic demand response, BTM & FOM batteries, primary, secondary, tertiary ancillary services, capacity markets, power trading applications, peak shaving and price arbitrage. Loom is a cloud-based Virtual Power Plant (VPP) and Energy Management System platform with best-in-class technical features, such as a proprietary low-cost modular hardware solution (Fruit) for local connectivity, monitoring and metering, aggregation of static and dynamic assets, optimal portfolio based dispatching, battery management, asset performance monitoring, and a range of market connectivity applications.

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