Date: November 18, 2015
Author: KiWi Power

KiWi Power welcomes Amber Rudd’s speech and further consultation on the UK Capacity Market

London, Wednesday, 18 November 2015. KiWi Power, a leading UK based, global demand side response (DSR) aggregator, today publically welcomed Amber Rudd’s ‘Energy Reset’ speech and backed recent calls by the UK Energy Experts for a complete review into the secure low carbon development of the UK’s demand side response energy policy. Yoav Zingher, Co-Founder and CEO of KiWi Power, said “The UK Government seems to understand that successful deployment of DSR technology, in a fair market, has the potential to deliver hundreds millions of pounds to both large and small businesses across the country. DSR is subsidy free, and a key component in decarbonising the UK power supply whilst at the same time maintaining energy security.”

“We also welcome the consultation on the capacity market, which is still biased towards traditional generation, and the Secretary of State’s call to ‘remove other regulations holding back smart solutions such as demand side response and storage’. However, we would also point out that it is currently not a ‘level playing field’, and simply subsidises existing fossil fuel generation. DSR is the key technology for integrating intermittent renewable technologies into the existing grid infrastructure”, added Yoav

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About KiWi Power

KiWi Power is the UKs leading demand response aggregator and has been a key player in the UK market since 2009. We are passionate about driving innovation in technology to create efficiencies, generate commercial opportunities and promote a green agenda. We work confidently with policy makers and system and network operators, navigating the energy landscape to provide clients robust and best in class technology and hardware. Combining proprietary hardware and software and experienced teams KiWi Power delivers significant commercial returns and sustainability benefits to large consumers of electricity, utilities and grid operators. Demand response is a unique and powerful application using technology to reduce electricity consumption at peak times across industrial and commercial sites. This creates a greener, more cost effective grid; reduces the need for inefficient backup power stations and provides vital balancing requirements and security of supply to system operators and end user sites.

KiWi Power’s innovative approach is leading the way in evolving the UK demand response market as well as influencing the design, build and operation of demand response programmes around the world.

KiWi Power has been instrumental in setting up new demand response programmes with National Grid and distribution network operators including UK Power Networks, Northern Powergrid and Western Power Distribution. KiWi Power’s enviable and diverse industry portfolio across 650+ sites includes some of the UKs most well-known brands including Marks & Spencer, the NHS, Marriott, Trinity Mirror Group, Ocado, Affinity & Bournemouth Water, United Utilities, Westfield and Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE).