MCPD Summary

In an effort to reduce emissions of harmful air pollutants, the Government passed regulations to implement the EU Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) on the 24thJanuary 2018. The Directive aims to bring harmful emissions from medium combustion plants (those with a thermal input between 1 and 50MWs) down via a pan-European standard. The regulations are clear: all backup generators operating for anything other than onsite resiliency cannot be exempted.


The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) is an EU Directive designed to curb harmful emissions from smaller combustion plants that have previously been subject to the Large Combustion Plant Directive and Industrial Emissions Directive.

Compliance with the MCPD will allow for clients to continue participating in various Operating Reserve programmes (such as STOR and Capacity Market), whilst also being able to continue participating in TRIAD Avoidance; all while continuing to earn revenues and benefit from Peak Charge Avoidance. This will help customers reach their CSR objectives, and assist in the decarbonisation of the UK electricity grid.



The Solution

Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is a means of converting Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) into Nitrogen and water using an injection of urea (in the form of AddBlue) with the aid of a catalyst.

The urea sets off a chemical reaction in an oxidising atmosphere that converts Nitrogen Oxides into Nitrogen, water, and tiny amounts of Carbon Dioxide – these are natural components of the air we breathe.

In order to support you through the Compliance process, our dedicated MCPD team has carefully selected a number of partners to offer a comprehensive service:

Advantages of SCR

  • SCR technology is one of the most cost-effective and fuel-efficient technologies available to help reduce diesel engine NOx emissions.
  • The technology alone can achieve NOx reductions of up to 99%.
  • More feasible installation given the reduced complexity. This means there is less need to tamper with the engine, just a retrofit catalyst exhaust.
  • The flexibility of design – units are designed to fit around engines in-situ, and therefore are adaptable to different engine enclosures.

The implementation of MCPD on your site will be managed by a dedicated KiWi Power Project Manager.

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