Date: March 18, 2016
Author: KiWi Power

The KiWi Power Team is actively involved in informing and shaping energy. Here is an update on what the Halls of Westminster.

Key Calendar Milestones

  • UK Budget 16 March 2016
  • Publication of the National Infrastructure Commission Report March 2016
  • UK Referendum on European Membership 23 June 2016

Consulting with the market

The government ‘Policy Reset’ announced in Amber Rudd’s speech in 2015 provides a welcome opportunity for Government review the existing energy policy approach. We are advising government via several different consultations including:

  • House of Commons Departmental Select Committee for DECC
  • National Infrastructure Commission
  • DECC Capacity Market Consultation
  • DECC Innovation Consultation

Parliament: Energy Bill 2015-16

In January 2016 Amber Rudd, Secretary of State for Energy, published an addendum to the Bill detailing some specific clauses relating to the electricity market. The government will therefore attempt to “radically overhaul” the way in which consumers change electricity and gas suppliers. In addition government is seeking to mandate half hourly settlement for both domestic and commercial premises. The government has identified clear links between half hourly settlement and demand response.

“Half-hourly settlement will put in place the right environment for more demand-side response (DSR). DSR is defined as the actions taken by consumers to change the amount of electricity they take off the grid at particular times in response to a signal. In practice DSR means the active reduction in the electricity a user is taking from the grid at a given moment in time. Half-hourly settlement can also facilitate measures that encourage consumers to export electricity to the grid (for example, from onsite solar PV) when it is more beneficial to the electricity system.”


The consequences of a referendum notwithstanding, decisions made by the Commission and Brussels Parliament will be binding for the UK going forward. Some key changes being debated include changes to the Balancing Settlement Code, to be instituted by summer 2017. The decision will be based around, whether the timing will be decided at 30minutes, or 15minutes.  The UK runs on a 30 minute basis.

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