Date: January 29, 2018
Author: KiWi Power

KiWi Power is committed to help the smart, clean grid movement

Today’s electricity system is on the cusp of the biggest change it has experienced, almost since it was originally built over half a century ago to provide homes and businesses up and down the country with a reliable power supply. This revolution is being fuelled by disruptors, harnessing technological innovation and applying it to a largely outdated system and way of thinking. KiWi Power sits at the centre of this change, developing our own proprietary technology to accelerate the pace of change and enabling our clients to secure previously inaccessible revenues through our market leading solutions and service.

For too long, formerly nationalised utility companies have been able to control the electricity system with limited scrutiny of what they are charging us all. Demand response challenges the decades-old assumptions that we need to pay vast sums to old power stations to be available at times of peak demand, or that the only way to ensure that the cables transporting electricity around the country will continue to work is via costly upgrades.

Instead, what we say is that there is a new, cheaper way to achieve all of this: by harnessing the capabilities of ordinary consumers to provide the same services for a lower cost. For too long, the revenues available for providing services to help keep the electricity system running have been restricted to a small, cozy club with long-standing interests; KiWi Power is disrupting and challenging this outdated model by using technology to open up markets and increase participation.

In addition to the services we have been offering now for several years, KiWi Power is committed to growing the impact that demand response has on the energy system globally. We are active in 9 territories, with plans to expand to further spread the demand response revolution. We are also expanding our technological solutions to offer a wider range of services at an even lower cost, via our 3rd generation IoT-enabled metering device, the KiWi Fruit and offering grid-level constraint management services using our proprietary platform. We are also one of the most active battery developers in the UK, successfully managing battery energy storage system projects from inception to go-live for clients across the country, and managing existing battery assets in several markets in Europe.

So, how can you join the revolution?

If you have the ability to vary your electricity demand, then you are likely to be able to access these new revenue streams – whether that is by using generation capabilities or simply using less electricity than you typically would do at certain times. We use our technology to do all of the hard work, so all our clients need to do is sit back and watch their revenues come in. If you want more information about any of our services – demand response, battery storage, constraint management or our technology solutions, we are happy to help.

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Blog Post from Jonathan Ainley,  Head of Public Affairs and UK Programme Manager