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Plessey is a UK-based award-winning developer of advanced optoelectronic technology solutions.
From its headquarters in Plymouth, England, Plessey operates leading-edge 150mm and 200mm wafer processing facilities to undertake design, test and assembly of products, and a comprehensive suite of photonic characterisation and applications laboratories.

Since 2018, Kiwi Power has been operating and optimising a 2MW/2.4MWh Tesla battery at the site to help the company consume less power from the grid during expensive peak periods and substantially reduce its energy costs.

The battery provides a full suite of behind-the-meter services including Firm Frequency Response, Capacity Market and peak load shifting. In addition, the battery provides Plessey with increased resilience against grid outages and spikes in power supply which can result in lost stock and working hours.

Kiwi Power’s market expertise and unrivalled knowledge of battery technology ensures both revenue and system longevity are maximised. Our technology integrates seamlessly with the battery and fully automates its operation to ensure no opportunities are missed.