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Demand Side Response

Reduce costs and deliver a sustainable energy future.

Demand Side Response (DSR) is an opportunity for businesses to earn revenue and reduce energy costs by adjusting their electricity consumption for short periods of time.

There are a number of different DSR programmes which businesses can participate in, according to the type of assets they have and how their sites operate.

Kiwi Power helps businesses to profitably and sustainably participate in the UK's rapidly changing energy markets.

Demand Side Response opportunities

We offer a complete solution to provide businesses with access to multiple markets and programmes.

Balancing Mechanism

National Grid’s Balancing Mechanism provides real-time revenue opportunities that reflect system needs.

Wholesale energy markets

Day-ahead and intra-day wholesale markets are becoming more volatile creating energy arbitrage opportunities.

Ancillary services

National Grid’s frequency response and reserve programmes offer valuable revenues.

Peak price management

The Capacity Market offers ongoing availability payments for security of supply the Capacity Market offers ongoing availability payments for security of supply.

Constraint Management

Distribution Network Operator flexibility markets provide location-specific opportunities.

Capacity Market

Responding to network price signals can earn revenue and reduce costs.

How you benefit

We manage Industrial and Commercial equipment to help businesses cut costs and make money.

Earn revenue

Access new, recurring revenue streams.

Reduce costs

Reduce demand when electricity is expensive.

Improve asset performance

Understand how your assets perform and why.

Protect the planet

Accelerate the UK’s net zero transition.

Our approach

Our approach is founded on ten years' experience understanding customer sites, assets and processes to maximise value without impacting business operations.


We develop a strategy to manage your asset and meet your objectives.

  • Understand asset and site characteristics
  • Agree operational parameters and revenue objectives
  • Develop strategy


We connect your assets to markets and give you complete visibility of its performance.

  • Seamless asset integration
  • Automated dispatch
  • Real-time performance monitoring


We actively trade your asset in all relevant markets and programmes to maximise value.

  • Identify energy and system needs at local and national level
  • Understand cost-benefit of every action
  • Optimise asset lifespan

Why choose Kiwi Power

We combine in depth knowledge of energy markets, world-leading proprietary technology and unrivalled experience integrating and operating a wide range of assets, to reliably capture the maximum value from DERs.  


assets under management


battery energy storage portfolio


800+ sites



10 year

track record

Getting started

Our tried and tested approach ensures your assets are live and operational as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Step 1

Submit project/
asset details

Step 2

Prepare a proposal

Step 3

Agree commercial terms and optimisation strategy

Step 4

Install and test equipment

Step 5

Go Live

Case studies

Learn how we are helping businesses globally to participate in and benefit from the energy transition.

Industrial & Commercial DSR, UK

Marriott International

Marriott International is working with Kiwi Power to improve energy efficiency and generate revenue for sustainability projects.
Industrial & Commercial Energy Storage, UK


Energy storage is helping advanced manufacturing company Plessey to substantially reduce its energy costs.

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DSR can seem complex but Kiwi Power is here to make things simple.  We use our unique combination of technology and expertise to make sure your business has the right DSR strategy to maximise the value of its assets.

Get in touch today to find out how we can build a DSR strategy for your business.

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