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Distributed Energy Resource Management

The simplest and fastest way to unlock Distributed Energy Resource value

The energy transition is rapidly shifting value from the supply of energy to the provision of flexibility.

Flexible capacity helps to increase renewable penetration, manage network constraints and deliver cost and carbon savings to end-users.

Kiwi Power’s world leading distributed energy platform simply and reliably unlocks flexibility from Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to maximise their value.

Global DER capacity is expected to outpace the deployment of new centralised generation capacity from 2024 and reach over 500GW by 2028. Energy market participants need to rapidly develop new DER products and solutions to grow revenue, retain customers and cost-efficiently manage the energy transition.

What we offer

Kiwi Power offers our clients a scalable technology platform and deep expertise to quickly build a secure and reliable DER flexibility business.

Electric Utilities

Customers today expect their utilities to provide them with a whole system solution.

We help utilities to develop new flexibility focused propositions that help retain customers and grow revenue.

Distribution System Operators

The energy transition is making grid planning and operations increasingly challenging.

We help Distribution System operators to reduce costs to bill payers whilst facilitating the growth of DERs and ensuring system reliability.


The global energy transition is disrupting traditional value chains and creating new opportunities for end users to participate in energy markets.

Kiwi Power’s distributed energy platform offers aggregators a comprehensive solution so they can get up and running fast.

Energy storage owners

Energy storage is a fast growing market attracting significant investment.

We help energy storage owners to maximise the value of battery energy storage systems, optimise their long-term performance, and deliver return on investment.

Our distributed energy platform

Our proprietary technology platform has been developed with the insight and expertise gained over 10 years of operating and optimising DERs in some of the world’s most advanced flexibility markets.


Get your distributed energy business up and running quickly with help from our expert market strategists and technologists


Benefit from a proven hardware and software platform drawing on over a decade of experience and insight


Provide your customers with peace of mind thanks to our compliance with industry leading security standards


Access the widest range of DERs via a low-cost solution designed to maximise addressable market potential

Why choose Kiwi Power

We combine in depth knowledge of energy markets, world-leading proprietary technology and unrivalled experience integrating and operating a wide range of assets, to reliably capture the maximum value from DERs.  


assets under management


battery energy storage portfolio


800+ sites



10 year

track record

Getting started

Our tried and tested approach helps our clients to quickly and efficiently establish a DER flexibility business.

Step 1


Market analysis and joint development of a go-to-market strategy

Step 2


Knowledge transfer and training our client's flexibility team

Step 3


Market access integration, platform deployment and testing

Step 4


Pilot customer onboarding

Step 5


Scale-up and market rollout

Step 6


Operational support and ongoing platform development

Case studies

Learn how we are helping businesses globally to participate in and benefit from the energy transition.

Electric Utility, Switzerland


ewz is one of the ten largest energy service providers in Switzerland. It partnered with Kiwi Power to establish a DER business.
Electric Utility, Europe

NextFlex, ENGIE

NextFlex is a demand side response aggregator managing over 600MW of flexible assets across France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Speak to us about setting up and growing your DER flexibility business today.

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