Hardware Platform

Fruit – Our 3rd Generation ‘Internet of Things’ Platform

An innovative and low-cost device which is installed at the customer’s site and provides a range of metering and control functions. The device is integrated with the KiWi Operations Management Platform (KOMP) and provides dashboard information on energy usage and asset control options as well as the event status of distributed energy resources.

KiWi Fruit is a modular solution, which means we only deploy the functionality needed on each site, thus saving engineering time and money. Each deployment will include a Core module – as well as temperature and humidity sensors, this module has a number of communication options (Wi-Fi, Ethernet,) but typical deployment will include a 3G/LTE module to allow full support and integration with KiWi Cloud Services.

The metering segment allows accurate three and single phase energy metering as well as monitoring a significant number of power quality elements. Based on the industry leading ADE7858 chipset, this module is deployed when no accurate real time metering is available at asset level.

  Secure Platform

  • State of the art IoT platform with industrial-grade security

  Low Cost Solution

  • Modular design to reduce installation costs and increase flexibility

  Easy Installation

  • Highly efficient installation and commissioning process to allows engineers to spend less time on-site


  • Built-in library of industry-standard communication protocols for quick integration and reliability


Download the Fruit data sheet to read more information about our hardware platform.