Operational Platform


KOMPv2, our second generation operational platform, will help you connect millions of assets to run any demand response, constraint management or energy efficiency program. We have designed a generic platform that can be customised to meet your sites bespoke needs.

Run a TSO’s Programme

You can control any site locally based on measurements (frequency, voltage, active and reactive power) or from the central platform by sending trigger points or a dispatch order from a TSO.

Static, Dynamic Response

Using our operational platform in combination with our hardware, you can dispatch a site for a static or dynamic program. Using dynamic dispatch, the asset’s load will be continuously adjusted based on a local measurement.

  Peak Price Avoidance Programmes

Running peak avoidance programmes, where customers are informed about peak price times and they can decide to participate in the dispatch on a daily basis. An example of such programs is Triad across the mainland UK
This program can be used to implement behavioural dispatches by defining a dynamic price for the customer or for energy efficiency purposes


Generate performance reports and earning statements for your end user


We can white label every single message and notification that is sent to an end user to contain your information and logo

 Dispatch Manager


  • Set your asset loads to any value between zero and maximum capacity (MW/kW)
  • Choose the most reliable assets to dispatch from your portfolio at any given time
  • Replace failed dispatches with the next most suitable site to avoid under and over delivery

 Metering and Monitoring

  • Access to all historical and live data
  • Live readings can be used to set monitoring alarms when system thresholds are passed