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Stay Ahead in CAISO’s Distributed Energy Resource Gold Rush

CAISO Market

Ready to participate in ERCOT’s dynamic market? Learn about maximising your revenues by leveraging flexibility from load and DERs within the California region. 

Maximize Your Revenues in ERCOT with Flexible Resources for Energy Arbitrage & Demand Response

ERCOT Market

Participate with confidence in the energy arbitrage and demand response markets in ERCOT. Learn more about revenue germinating capabilities for suppliers, aggregators, scheduling entities and local distribution network operators. 

Leverage an Abundance of Flexibility Monetization Programs in PJM

PJM Market

PJM coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity across the largest region of any independent system operator in the US. Learn more about opportunities to drive more revenue from distributed energy resources in this region. 

Stay tuned for geo-specific content in regions around North America and Europe

12+ Countries

Kiwi Power operates in over 12 counties across the world and is committed to developing ongoing resources for regional trends and opportunities for their clients in the energy marketplace.