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At Kiwi Power, we’ve spent over a decade evolving our distributed energy platform to help customers unlock revenue opportunities and pave the way to a clean energy future.

Pick a flexibility programme, Kiwi Power makes it simple.

Kiwi Power simplifies participation in power markets across the globe, maximising the value of distributed energy resources.

Demand Response Management

Balance is key

Across the globe, demand response programmes are bringing more flexible capacity online. The International Energy Agency (IEA) says grids could add over 5,000 TWh of additional demand response capacity by 2040 globally. Kiwi Core enables entities managing load, generation and storage assets to participate in demand response programmes, including ancillary services and capacity market programmes as well as peak load events. Kiwi Core’s advanced functionality includes the ability to control, meter, aggregate, dispatch, monitor and report on a portfolio of assets as well as an API to see real-time available flexibility and bid into the markets.

Energy Storage Monetisation

Capture low, release high

Energy storage deployment has increased 1,450% in the past six years and is on track to deliver participants $546 billion in annual revenue by 2035. Kiwi Core helps asset owners, operators and financial investors maximise value from their storage assets. Integrating with any battery OEM, Kiwi Core’s platform provides a comprehensive view of storage availability, State-of-Charge management, local frequency monitoring, warranty tracking and alerts, as well as dispatch scheduling. The platform also allows for switching of assets between programmes, so trading teams can co-optimise all relevant revenue streams and bid into the most lucrative markets.

Local Grid Management

Jumpstart your flexibility programme

Kiwi Power helps grid operators across the globe manage flexibility programmes and properly incentivise market participants to support them in local grid constraint management. Kiwi Core makes it easy to engage flexibility suppliers with ready-made, simple features to register, connect monitored assets, track real-time availability of assets, dispatch assets, monitor dispatches, track discrepancies, and provide the data required for downstream settlement and billing. With a decade of experience under our belt, we also provide sample documentation, programme incentives, and template supplier portals to jumpstart new flexibility programmes.

Wholesale Energy Arbitrage

Meet us at the peak

The markets are more volatile than ever, with prices going from negative to thousands of dollars per MWh. Kiwi Core enables market participants to capitalise on the grid’s daily, seasonal and event-based price volatility with confidence. Kiwi Core provides a visual interface of forecasted and real-time prices and supports intraday, day-ahead, balancing mechanism and imbalance trading. Suppliers or aggregators can either set a fixed price to trigger automated dispatches or calculate a merit order stack of available flexibility to bid into the market, providing multiple paths to maximising asset value. 

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