Solutions for Customers

KiWi provides demand response services and monitoring solutions to businesses to help them contribute toward a green economy whilst making money.

Metering & Monitoring

Our smart meter, the KiWi Fruit, is a proprietary low-cost and innovative metering solution. It is approved by System Operators (such as National Grid), and was designed from the ground-up to be used particularly for monitoring and control of your assets. Read more here

Battery Energy Storage

Landowners and businesses are paid to host battery energy storage on their land and can avoid peak time electricity charges, if it is a behind the meter battery.

KiWi Power develop, finance, install and manage battery energy storage systems. Read about how we can help you here

Demand Response

Demand response programme allow end-users to access lucrative revenue streams offered by National Grid and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Through KiWi Power you can unlock revenues of up to £100,000 per MW per year. Read more here

Solutions for Utilities & Partners

We are committed to help utilities move towards a smart grid by providing them with monitoring and control solutions.

Constraint Management

Our constraint management platform monitors and controls loads across the grid, enabling you to automatically and quickly adjust the balance in the grid. Read more about KiWi constraint management platform here


KiWi power has more than 6 years experience in the area of demand response, smart grids, constraint management and asset monitoring. We can help you by providing consultancy and training in all these fields. Read more on this here

DR Partnership

By partnering with KiWi Power, energy consultants, brokers, facilities managers, and other third-party intermediaries – can expand their portfolio of value-added services, thus helping their clients turn their energy assets into revenue-generating resources. Read more on how KiWi can help you here


Innovation is an important part of our business at KiWi Power. We are proud to be part of many top research projects in UK and globally. Read about our projects here