Battery Energy Storage

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) help to balance the supply and demand of electricity consumption. Battery energy storage systems allow System Operators such as National Grid in the UK to keep grid frequency within their regulated limits.

The frequency of electricity varies as supply and demand fluctuate. Historically frequency has been kept within limits by system inertia provided by coal fired power stations. Coal power stations are being replaced by other sources of generation such as wind and solar that do not provide system inertia. System operators pay owners of battery energy storage systems to provide ancillary services to control electricity frequency.

How Battery Energy Storage Works

When electricity generation exceeds electricity demand frequency increases and when demand exceeds supply frequency decreases. Battery energy storage systems help to balance the frequency by importing electricity from the grid when frequency is too high and exporting electricity onto the grid when frequency is too low.

Battery energy storage systems can also be used to help high electricity users to avoid non-commodity electricity charges, particularly during peak time charges. By installing a battery energy storage system ‘behind the meter’ KiWi Power helps large electricity users in the UK and Europe to avoid paying peak time non-commodity electricity charges. In the UK these charges include TNUoS (also known as TRIAD), DUoS and Capacity Market Service Charge.

The Benefits for Customers

Landowners and businesses are paid to host a battery energy storage system on their land and can avoid peak time electricity charges if it is a behind the meter battery.

KiWi Power develop, finance, install and manage the battery energy storage systems so there is no CAPEX and no OPEX to the landowner or business.

We are also looking for sites close to electricity substations where we can install battery energy storage systems to provide grid balancing services to National Grid. KiWi Power also manages assets on behalf of BESS developers and owners.

Who can Participate?

If you are a business that has to consume electricity at peak times and have a consistent site load of 1MW or more (i.e. spending more than £100,000 per month on electricity) KiWi Power can help you avoid peak time charges such as TRIADs, DUoS and Capacity Market Service Charge with a battery energy storage system. Find out how much money you can earn from ancillary services and save by avoiding peak time electricity use by calling us on 0207 183 1030 or requesting a call back.

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