Constraint Management

Shifting from DNO to DSO

We are committed to helping utilities move towards a smarter grid by providing them with monitoring and control solutions.

Our constraint management tool monitors and controls loads across the grid, enabling you to automatically and quickly adjust asset loads.

An increasing number of heatpumps and EVs connected to the grid has made it essential to use a platform to help utilities avoid the cost of distribution network reinforcement or potential disruption to local communities.

The Benefits to Customers

Our constraint management platform will help you to monitor your network and manage the constraints in your zone. You can also connect to different aggregators and send dispatch signals and receive live readings from them.

To know more about our solution, please contact us and we will help to design and customise a solution for your needs.


  • Monitor the aggregated readings as well as individual assets in each zone and get notified if the load in any zone has passed the pre-defined thresholds

 Availability Management

  • Optionally gather availability of assets to be dispatched during peak time

Dispatch Manager

  • Choose the capacity (kW) you need to dispatch in each zone and the platform will automatically choose the most reliable sites between those available

 Automated Dispatch

  • Defined automated dispatch based on live readings from the grid. An example bein when LV feeders pass their thresholds


  • Take advantage of flexible assets and dispatch them at any value between their minimum to maximum capacity (kW) to avoid over and under delivery


  • Send arming notification to inform your customers that they should expect a dispatch

 Immediate or Planned Dispatch

  • Dispatch an asset immediately or plan a dispatch for your forecasted peak time

 Monitor Feeders

  • Monitor your LV feeders and set pre-defined thresholds for them