Demand Response Partnership

KiWi Power helps you to introduce demand response to your customers

By partnering with KiWi Power, energy consultants, brokers, facilities managers, and other third-party intermediaries – can expand their portfolio of value-added services, thus helping their clients turn their energy assets into revenue-generating resources.
By partnering with us you are mitigating your exposure to a complex regulatory landscape, and we will help you manage the associated risks inherent with embarking on a new journey. We will provide you with the basics to help you get started, or we can work with you on a fully-fledged “white-label” basis.

What can we do for you?

Depending on the level of expertise you already have or require from us, KiWi Power can either deliver a full turnkey solution that encompasses the full suite of balancing programs along with the provision of cutting-edge hardware and software; or offer a “mix-and-match” menu-style approach whereby you select what it is you want from us:

  Sales Support

  • Customer Sales Support – KiWi can assist your current sales team in selling DSR, including pre-qualifying sites assets/generators, analysing DSR capacity, and forecasting high level revenue projections


  • Commissioning and delivery of projects on your behalf including pre-qualification, testing and approval of asset


  • Ongoing consultancy services – including sales, hardware/software, and operational support


  • Software licensing and hardware provision


  • Operational services – KiWi will run your back-end, including portfolio management, availability management, dispatch and dispatch monitoring, allowing you to focus on your product & service offering to your clients

 TSO Management

  • TSO Relationship Management – Including tendering with National grid for balancing services


  • Report and Record Management – Including performance reports, earning statements and invoice generation.

Are you Interested?

A fair revenue-sharing structure that is easy to implement, and coupled with access to our third-generation hardware keeps the overall Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) low and helps maximise the revenues that our partners and their end-clients receive for participation in one of our DSR programs. KiWi Power makes the entire process as seamless as possible, so get in touch via to find out more.