Demand Response

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Demand Response Programmes

Demand Response is a unique and powerful application used by TSOs to reduce electricity consumption at peak times across industrial and commercial clients. Commercial sites are paid to participate and contribute to a greener, more cost effective grid reducing the need for inefficient peaking power stations and providing vital balancing requirements.

Demand Response programs allow end-users to access lucrative revenue streams offered by National Grid and the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Any site with a form of backup generation (diesel, UPS/DRUPS, CHP) or flexible processes can participate. Through KiWi Power you can unlock revenue up to £40,000 per MW per year. KiWi Power can help you identify your site’s potential to unlock flexibility and large recurring revenue streams.

All it takes for us to assess your site is a quick 10 minute conversation with one of our sales team, 12 months of half hourly data and a single line diagram of your site and we can perform a no-obligation, free demand response feasibility study.

How do these Programmes Work?

There are different demand response programmes that KiWi power can help you to participate in. Read more about these programmes here:

The Benefits to Customers

A Versatile Software Solution

Our software solution is capable of running any Demand Response/Frequency Response in the world. KiWi Power is already live in 7 countries and is in the process of going live in many more:

Netherlands: Primary Control (FCR)
Ireland: DSU, Capacity Market, DS3
Czech Republic: Imbalance Energy Management
Switzerland: Tertiary Frequency Control
France: Fast Reserve, Effacement, Capacity Market
Belgium : R3
Germany: Energy Trading
Denmark: Tertiary Frequency Control
Finland: Tertiary Market
Estonia: Tertiary Frequency Control
UK: STOR, Capacity Market, Dynamic FFR, Static FFR

Assets used in Demand Response

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