Demand Response

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Triad Management

Triads are the three half-hour settlement periods of highest demand on the GB electricity transmission system between November and February each year, separated by at least ten clear days. They usually occur during the early evening but the exact date and time isn’t confirmed until April each year – after the Triad season has finished.

Triads affect half hourly metered users and are used to calculate how much a business should pay for using the transmission network.

During a Triad period the cost of electricity can be up to £40 per kilowatt so reducing electricity demand during Triad periods can help businesses to significantly reduce their electricity costs. In addition, businesses with embedded generators can earn money from exporting power during Triads.

KiWi Power provide a complete Triad Management service to maximise revenues and savings for your business.

Triad prediction

As more and more businesses undertake Triad avoidance accurately predicting the three half-hour settlement periods is becoming ever more challenging.

KiWi Power has repeatedly demonstrated our ability to deliver a successful Triad Management strategy, identifying all three Triads for the last nine years and seamlessly dispatching customer assets whilst minimising the number of alerts.

In 2018-19 we saved our clients over £13 million with a generator runtime of only 19 hours.

Our Triad Management service

KiWi Power offers a unique Triad Management service which combines:

  • Triad warning system categorising risk for the day (Low, Med, High)
  • Fully automated Triad monitoring and dispatch
  • KiWi Live portal providing complete visibility of asset performance
  • Bespoke MCPD-compliant Triad strategies

How you benefit:

  • Manage how your site responds according to your risk profile
  • No manual intervention means you never miss a Triad
  • Track how your assets are responding
  • Safeguard valuable Triad savings and comply with regulatory changes

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