Innovation is an important part of our business at KiWi Power. We are proud to be part of many top research projects in the UK and globally.

Residential demand response mobile app.

KiWi Power has been commissioned by the Mayor of London to design a smart meter mobile application to help households use energy more efficiently and reduce the risk of power shortages. The app alerts households to peak charges, reminds them to switch appliances off and gives energy saving advice. Participants share in cost savings.

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Electric vehicle demand response.

Electric vehicles are seen as key to cutting emissions and reducing global warming. Smart charging is vital to keep electricity costs down and secure supply. KiWi Power is working with Shell to trial the value that smart charging could provide to grid balancing.

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Europe’s largest battery storage project.

The development of battery storage is a critical component in securing the stability of the electricity grid system. KiWi Power is involved in several cutting-edge initiatives including Europe’s largest storage project to date, Smarter Network Storage in Leighton Buzzard. KiWi Power is working to monetise battery usage and generate payback by managing its participation in different ancillary service programmes.

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Creating the demand response platform of the future.

KiWi Power is proud to be working with EC Horizon 2020 to better understand the drivers for the next generation of demand response platforms. With support from EC Horizon 2020 SME instrument funding, KiWi Power completed a four month feasibility study to help shape the direction of the next phase of innovation.


Developing a revolutionary micro-BMS.

KiWi Power is leading a project to deliver an innovative building control system. The product will enable businesses to work together to control and automate energy production and consumption while participating in a localised energy market.

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