Metering & Monitoring

Metering & Monitoring

When KiWi Power entered the demand response market in 2009, we found existing smart metering hardware and supporting applications were not fit for purpose, so we designed our own. Our smart meter, the KiWi Fruit, is a proprietary, low-cost and innovative metering solution. It is approved by System Operators (such as National Grid), and was designed from the ground-up to be used particularly for Demand Response applications, which ensures the best in-class solution with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Monitoring Solution

The Fruit, our 3rd generation hardware platform, is used by leading global companies to monitor their energy consumption per asset (i.e. HVAC), providing the transparency required to meet reporting requirements. Benefits include:

  • Fruit is configurable via the web interface or prior to installation, minimising on-site disruption
  • It comes in a modular architecture – which means that only the modules required by the site need be included and configured
  • It has a cellular modem with a connector so no hardwiring on-site is required
  • Onboard compression and security mean that costs are exceptionally low
  • A built-in frequency relay provides the second-by-second asset monitoring required for Frequency Response

  Reliable solution

  • For real time monitoring of 650+ sites, globally, 24/7/365

 Compatible with demand response programs

  • To fully automate demand response activation events in multiple global territories


  • You can set to receive threshold alarms from your meter

 Access to your metering data

  • Our platform provides you with access to your historical and live metering data

Access to your metering data

KiWi’s client platform provides you with access to your historical and live metering data. You can set to receive alarms when preset thresholds are passed.


Installation of our Fruit smart meter gives clients access to the KiWi Power client application or “Client App” available on all portable devices. The Client App provides real-time, minute-by-minute monitoring of on-site energy assets. Through the app interface, clients can access…

  • Live monitoring and reporting on kW consumption for each site or meter point
  • Real-time asset management insights for better forecasting
  • Comparative data of historical consumption for each meter
  • Real time calculation of revenues generated

Live tracking and reporting of demand and frequency response events