Presenting Kiwi Core

Maximise the value of distributed energy resources

Kiwi Core ensures distributed energy resources achieve their highest potential, simply and powerfully.

Reduce complexity and de-risk your business

Kiwi Core simplifies power market participation and gives you control and confidence through our licensed software model.

Participate in the new distributed energy world

With more renewables and changing regulations, value is migrating away from the supply of power towards the supply of flexibility. Kiwi Core future proofs your business and sets you up for success.

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Ten years of experience monetising distributed energy resources

The world’s number one energy technology for VPP execution

The world’s leading virtual power plant platform for execution, Kiwi Core enables organisations across the energy sector to leverage their distributed energy resources in optimal ways. Our distributed energy platform enables our customers to participate in multiple markets.

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Custom-built hardware

A proprietary, low-cost, modular hardware – Kiwi Fruit – sends energy data to the Kiwi Core platform and provides a wide range of metering and control functions.

  • Kiwi Fruit is built with a proprietary design that reduces total cost of ownership, enhances security and delivers superior functionality and response times.
  • Our flexible and customisable solution deploys only the functionality you need.
  • The hardware has pre-configured modules to fit your existing site infrastructure for a fast and easy installation.
  • Downloadable data makes it easy to access meter data at the Kiwi Fruit and site levels for reporting and analysis.
  • Built-in primary frequency response capabilities ensure that energy assets have the capability to react immediately to changes in system frequency.
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Kiwi Power's energy technology in action

In over a dozen countries and across three continents, Kiwi Power helps energy industry players access markets worldwide.