Date: April 30, 2015
Author: KiWi Power

UKs Royal Appointed Butchers, Aubrey Allen Limited, Selects KiWi Power to Provide Demand Response Services

London,KiWi Power Ltd, the UK’s leading demand response aggregator, today announced that Aubrey Allen Butchers, has signed up to participate in a demand response programme and energy management to make significant cost savings and earn a new annual revenue stream whilst helping to relieve strain on National Grid.

Aubrey Allen Butchers has committed to contribute up to 264 kilowatts (kW) of electricity capacity upon request by the National Grid. KiWi Power will manage this process at the Aubrey Allen Head Office in Middlemarch Business Park. Aubrey Allen Butchers will reduce its electricity consumption from the National Grid during critical times when blackouts and brownouts are imminent, thereby reducing stress on the grid and decreasing the need for energy providers to generate additional power to meet demand.

Aubrey Allen is recognised by many of the country’s top Michelin star chefs as the ‘chef’s butcher’ providing high quality standards and service for more than 80 years. Their reputation has been built on uncompromising commitment to provenance, fair trade with farmers and providing the finest dry-aged beef. This approach has seen them recently represent England to win the coveted European Butchery Competition in January 2015.

“As we continue to look for new ways to be more energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint, it makes perfect sense to incorporate demand response into our sustainability efforts. The energy management initiatives we’re undertaking with KiWi Power allow us to both make significant savings and earn revenue to fund further efforts.”

Jon Holliday- Financial Director, Aubrey Allen Limited.

Aubrey Allen Butchers’ commitment to sustainable business practices is well known and respected throughout the industry,” said Ziko Abram, CEO of KiWi Power. “We are very excited to lead their demand response & energy management initiatives as part of the company’s on-going sustainability efforts and look forward to evolving our relationship.”