Earn up to £40,000 per megawatt per year from your existing equipment

KiWi uses the latest industry standard technology

More than eight years of experience, and in more than 10 countries

Both generic and bespoke platforms to run demand response in any country

Low Cost
KiWi offers low cost monitoring and control platforms
Innovative energy technology to provide cleaner solutions
for utilities and businesses
Commercial sites are paid to participate and contribute to a greener, more cost-effective grid by participating in demand response programmes, both in the UK and around the world. Through KiWi Power you can unlock revenue of up to £40,000 per MW per year. KiWi Power can help you identify your site's potential to unlock flexibility and large recurring revenue streams.
The increasing number of heat pumps and EVs being connected to the grid has made it essential to use constraint management platforms to avoid the high cost of distribution network reinforcement or potential disruption to local communities. Our constraint management platform will help you to monitor your network and manage the constraints in your zone. Read more about our services.
By partnering with KiWi Power, energy consultants, brokers, facilities managers, and other third-party intermediaries can expand their portfolio of value-added services by offering demand response programmes, thus helping their clients turn their energy assets into revenue-generating resources. We will provide you with the basics and the necessary platforms.

KiWi Specialises in Demand Response.

Our business is founded on the need for a cleaner way of providing electricity demand management. A key player in the market since 2009, KiWi partners with TSOs like National Grid to provide demand response solutions in UK and other countries. Demand response is a method of reducing electricity consumption at times of peak demand on the grid, allowing System Operators such as National Grid to avoid using outdated, expensive and polluting, “peaking” power stations.
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Why do You Need to Participate?
A unique and powerful application, it is used by TSOs to reduce power consumption at peak times.

Commercial sites are paid to participate and contribute to a greener, more cost effective grid reducing the need for inefficient backup power stations and providing vital balancing requirements. We are a partner of TSOs and energy suppliers and aggregate assets from multiple sites to help balance the grid. We use innovative, proprietary technology to allow industrial and commercial clients to use existing energy assets to participate in a wide portfolio of revenue generating programmes. You can make up to £40,000 per Megawatt, by signing up for demand response programmes. KiWi will help you every step of the way, read more about these programmes and contact us for more information.

We use our own proprietary metering hardware
to enable clients to participate in Demand Response.
Discover how we are making an impact on the industry.

Energy Storage

KiWi Power is the industry leading battery energy storage system (BESS) developer and operator in the UK and Europe. We optimise and manage battery systems of all sizes, accessing energy/ancillary markets in-front-of and behind-the-meter. Our fully financed turnkey BESS solutions will enable you to unlock new revenues and savings, whilst helping to keep the lights on!
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Our Partners and Clients
KiWi Power works with world leading brands across 650+ sites in diverse industries in more than 10 countries
Earn up to £40,000 per megawatt per year from your existing equipment