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Simplifying distributed energy for global sustainability impact.

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Preparing Clients for the New Energy Reality

As a leader of VPP providers, we are bringing over a decade of experience into the North American market. Learn how we can help you take full advantage of the evolving flexible grid.

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The energy transition is rapidly shifting value from the supply of energy to the provision of flexibility.

Flexible capacity helps to increase renewable penetration, manage network constraints and deliver cost and carbon savings to end-users.

Kiwi Power’s world leading distributed energy platform simply and reliably unlocks flexibility from Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) to maximise their value.

A comprehensive solution

Our distributed energy platform manages over 1 GW of DERs in over 10 countries, and has been developed with the insight and expertise gained over 10 years of operating and optimising DERs in some of the world’s most advanced flexibility markets.

Global partners

We partner with Electric Utilities, Distribution System Operators, Energy Storage owners and aggregators to provide a DER platform licensing solution which helps to quickly and cost-efficiently establish a DER business.


Why choose Kiwi Power?


Get your distributed energy business up and running quickly with help from our expert market strategists and technologists


Benefit from a proven hardware and software platform drawing on over a decade of experience and insight


Provide your customers with peace of mind thanks to our compliance with industry leading security standards


Access the widest range of DERs via a low-cost solution designed to maximise addressable market potential

UK customers

In the UK we work directly with large industrial and commercial energy users and DER owners to aggregate and optimise behind-the-meter and grid-connected DERs.

Demand Side Response

We work with businesses to reduce energy costs and deliver a sustainable energy future.


Energy Storage

We operate and optimise energy storage assets to maximise return on investment and asset performance.


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Kiwi Power supports multi-DNO collaboration

Kiwi Power
October 6, 2020
Kiwi Power is delighted to play a supportive role in the collaboration announced today between four UK Distribution Network Operators

What makes Kiwi Power an energy technology company?

Gavin Sallery
August 27, 2020
Our Chief Technology Officer demystifies "enertech" and explains Kiwi Power's approach to advanced energy technology.
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